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English achievements:大成國中-English Unit Introduction-English resources

School History

The School’s Development

Our school is located in Danan, Bade District, Taoyuan City, a hub of transportation, industry and commerce and crossroads for crowds of people. Before our school was established, attending school was very inconvenient for local students. But thanks to the efforts of the previous township mayor, permission was given in 1980 to found a school, and after construction was completed in 1983, students flocked in. 

Educational Goal: the four Goods

The four goods: Be a good person, a good athlete, a good student, and have good taste.

Quality Campus

Top-notch Library 

Completed in 2016, the library has simple and bright style and a warm and elegant layout, attracting faculties and students to stay around. Two exit and entry points make access convenient for the students and the public. The library is open on weekends and holidays, also for community residents, which increases the usage intensity and the reading atmosphere and turns the library into a center of reading and culture for the surrounding community.

Complete Learning Environment

◇ Smart classrooms for a quality learning environment

◇ Focus on safety and health to safeguard learning quality 

◇ Emphasize cultural enrichment to attain a sense of blessedness and aesthetics