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Performance Center

Situational classroom teaching / 2018-11-23 / Count: 1588


Performance Center

 -Word Bank -

stage     music stand    audience    stomp    clap



1.  Put a foot to the floor to make a big sound. ______________________

2.  The people in the seats who enjoy the entertainment, give a round of applause, and eat

      popcorn. __________________

3.  The lighted area where the people perform.  ___________________

4.  This is placed on the floor of the stage and holds the papers for practice. _________________                               

5.  Make sound by putting the hands together, to make rhythm.  ______________

Fill in the blank:

1.  To get the song “We Will Rock You” going, we loudly went, ________, _________, _________!

2.  The ________________ really enjoyed the show and gave applause many times during the 


3.  When we were learning the song on stage, we put our lyric sheets on the ________________ .

4.  I had really great seats so I could see everything that was happening on __________________.


Write the word underneath the picture: