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Shopping Center



size                                                medium                                          stripes

fitting room                                 rolls



1) One of a series of standard measurements in which clothing, shoes, etc., are made____________________________

2) A room in a store in which customers can put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits before they buy it____________________________

3) A long, narrow line of color_____________________

4) In the middle of a range of possible sizes, amounts, etc.__________________________

5) A small loaf of bread for one person to eat______________________________

Fill in the blanks:

1) The ________________ of my pants are small.

2) I need to go to the _______________________________before I buy this dress.

3) On my plate of food, there were ___________________ and vegetables.

4) His shirt had gray and black ________________________.

5) I need a pair of  ________________________pants for my spring concert.


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