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Situational classroom teaching / 2018-11-23 / Count: 1652



 -Word Bank -

check in       credit card       lobby       key       reception



1.  Different from cash, this is used to pay for the room.  ______________________

2.  The front desk where we find the clerk to help you check in to the room.  ________________

3.  The part of the hotel where people wait to check in, and wait for friends and family.  _______________

4.  Use this to open the door to the hotel room.  ______________________                               

5.  To speak with reception when a person first gets to the hotel.  ______________

Fill in the blank:

1.  “Hand me your ____________ so you can pay for your hotel room.”

2.  “I am just getting to the hotel. I would like to _______________and go to my room.”

3.  “When I checked in, reception gave me a ______________ to open the door to my room.”

4.  “I enjoyed a cup of tea in the ______________ while I waited for my friends to arrive.”

5.  “The clerk at _______________ was very helpful and gave me a nice hotel room.

Write the word underneath the picture: