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Situational classroom teaching / 2018-11-23 / Count: 1539


 -Word Bank -

fingerprints      passport      customs agent      airplane ticket      traveler



1.  The person who looks at your passport and airplane ticket, and allows you into the country.   


2.  The person who is flying and has to go through customs.  __________________

3.  The paper that shows your seat and allows you to get on the airplane. ___________________

4.  The unique, swirly  markings on the tips of the fingers.   ______________________                               

5.  The document, a little book, that says (identifies) who the traveler is.  ______________

Fill in the blank:

1.  Before you board the airplane you need to give your ______________ to the flight attendant.

2.  To get through customs I had my picture taken and my ________________ scanned.

3.  The line at customs was long with many __________________ waiting to return to Taiwan.

4.  You must show your ______________ to the customs agent so he or she knows who you are.

5.  The ______________________ asked me many questions before I entered Taiwan.


Write the word underneath the picture: