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flight attendant            luggage            passport

boarding pass            seat belt            airplane



1) A strap on a vehicle's seat that holds a person in the seat if there is an accident_______________________

2) The bags and suitcases that a person carries when traveling_______________________

3) A person whose job is to help passengers who are traveling in an airplane________________________

4) A special piece of paper that you must have in order to be allowed to get onto an airplane________________________

5) A machine that has wings and an engine and that flies through the air______________________

6)  An official document issued by the government of a country that identifies someone as a citizen of that country and that is usually necessary when entering or leaving a country___________________________


Fill in Blanks:

1) When I want to travel to another country, I need to bring my   _____________to the airport.

2) If I am hungry or thirsty, I will ask them ______________________ to bring me something.

3) Before I enter the _________________, I need to show my __________________ to the flight attendant.

4) When we check in at the airport, we have to give our __________________.

5) Before the plane flies into the sky, we need to buckle our__________________.


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Boarding Pass



Flight Attendant   

Seat Belt